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Missile Rules for SideStory


The Basics

The main points of the new MMCAMS are these: Differing missile launchers fire differing sized missiles. For example, an SRM-2 missile has a 2cm radius warhead, while a LRM-20 class missile is a huge, 20cm diameter barrel- shaped missile. (I.e., SRM numbers now refer to the radius of the round, LRM numbers refer to roughly the diameter of the round.) More importantly, each differently sized round now does a differing amount of damage to the target mobile suit, all to one location. Since the missiles all carry proximity detonators that let them explode at closest range to the target mobile suit, this damage is variable and is calculated by a roll on the Missile Hits table for the respective size of the missile. For example, if an SRM-2 missile is launched and a successful normal 'to hit' roll is made, the missile has successfully air-bursted in front of the target mobile suit. A roll of 9 on a 2d6 is made, the appropriate column of the missile hits table is consulted, and it is found that 2 'missiles' hit. Since all missiles now are single missiles and not spreads of missiles, an SRM- 2 does up to 4pts of damage with a result of 2 hits on the table, so the missile does its full damage of 4 points to the target mobile suit.


Launchers for the various kinds of missiles have differing weights (the same as the original BTech launchers) due to different missile tube sizes and loading mobile suitanism weights. In addition, all launchers now have a different number of 'ready tubes', i.e., number of missiles that can be launched at once! For example, an SRM-6/4 Launcher may launch a maximum of 4 SRM-6 missiles at once, each missile creating 4 points of heat for the launching mobile suit.


Ammunition weights remain the same, but since missile calibres are now different, differing ammo sizes cannot be switched between launchers. In general, SRMs can fire a max of 1/4th ton of ammunition in one firing round, per launcher, LRMs may fire a max of 1/2 a ton of ammo at once, seriously increasing the amount of ammunition required for a standard battle in a 'missile mobile suit'. Such increased requirements should be more than offset by the power of the alternate-type missile system.

                   MMC Alternate Missile Statistics

Name   Damage/Miss  Ht   Max Launch    Range     Crit Tons Shots/T
SRM-2/12  4 max   2/Miss  12 Miss  1-3/ 4-6/ 7-9   1    1 50 miss
SRK-2/12   4        2       12     1-3/ 4-6/ 7-9   1    1   50
SRM-4/6    8        3       6      1-3/ 4-6/ 7-9   1    2   25
SRM-6/4    12       4       4      1-3/ 4-6/ 7-9   2    3   15
NARC       12       4       4      1-3/ 4-6/ 7-9   2    3   15
LRM-5/12   5        2       12   6/1-7/8-14/15-21  1    2   24
LRM-10/6   10       4       6    6/1-7/8-14/15-21  2    5   12
LRM-15/4   15       5       4    6/1-7/8-14/15-21  3    7   8
LRM-20/3   20       6       3    6/1-7/8-14/15-21  5    10  6

Note: All launcher/ammo costs remain the same as in standard Btech.

NARC and Artemis FCS

NARC and Artemis FCS still function as normal with the Alternate missile system. They function by assisting the missile's proximity sensor so that the missile detonates closer, on average, to the target, thereby increasing damage values.

Streak Systems

Streak systems still function and are very valuable for ammo conservation purposes. Each launched missile must acquire a lock before firing, or it will not fire. No heat is required for a launch attempt, therefore having a Streak SRM-2/12 system (for example) means that the player has 12 tries to hit with the launcher. In addition, launched missiles automatically do full damage without regard to the missile hits table.

Thunder LRMs

Thunder LRM rounds are still available. Differently sized LRM missile carry different loads of Thunder Mines, creating different mine density mine fields upon detonation in the target hex. These are handled as normal.

Anti-Missile Systems

Anti-Missile system effects are handled somewhat differently. When an AMS carrying mobile suit is engaged, its point defense system is automatically activated. This highly accurate system engages every missile from a launch, damaging/destroying every attacked with AMS, a roll is made on the Missile Hits table to see how badly the missile is damaged. For example, if an LRM-20 type missile is launched at a mobile suit carrying AMS, and a roll of 7 is made on the missile hits table, the explosive force of the missile is reduced by 12pts. The remaining power of the missile is 8pts of damage. If a successful to hit roll is made with this damaged missile, it is treated (for damage calculation purposes) as an SRM-6 type missile. (The next closest damage range missile, rounding down.) In this example, a roll of 11 or greater with the AMS would have completely destroyed the incoming missile. Ammunition use for the AMS system is rolled once for the entire flight of missiles, regardless of number of missiles launched, greatly enhancing the usefullness of AMS systems.

Ammunitions Explosions

Ammunition explosions do the number of max damage points per missile times the number of remaining missiles damage to the carrier mobile suit.