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 New Equipment for Inner Sphere

Name    Ht     Dmg    Range(M)  Tons Crt  Shot/ton  Cost(C)
SRSG   1/mis    -    1-3/4-6/7-9   3   2      6     80000
D-Mine  2-6   1/mis   - / - /  1   -  1/ton  6-24   3XSRM
ECES    N/A     -       1 Board    1   1     N/A   100000
ESDS    N/A  60/20/10  1/  2/  3   1   1     N/A    50000
MecDec  N/A     -     - / - /  6  .5   1     N/A     1500

SRSG: (Short Range Smoke Grenade)
Based on, and roughly the same dimensions as a SRM-6, the field SRSG can mean the difference between life and death on the modern battlefield. The SRSG is able to launch between 1-6 independently targeted smoke missiles per round, which are targeted upon hexes per artillery rules. (Base of 9). Smoke grenades, once launched, envelope the target hex in smoke for 3 rounds, with smoke dispersion and spreading handled as for regular smoke. All LOS passing through the target hex have a firing modifier of +1/smoke grenade with a maximum of a +3 modifier for 3 or more smoke grenades in that hex. Smoke grenades which miss the target hex are handled per artillery scattering rules, and are still active.
Due to their large chemical warhead, smoke grenades are relatively heavy (6 shots/ton), and cost 10000 C per ton. Smoke grenade ammunition explodes when hit, producing 2pts/missile damage to the target mobile suit. Spotter smoke grenades are also available in addition to the regular visible and IR smoke missiles. Consisting of a smaller chemical warhead in an otherwise regular grenade body, the target smoke grenade produces a brightly colored plume of smoke for one round, assisting in artillery and indirect LRM fire, as well as helping dropships and/or support vessels home in on a landing site.
Smoke grenades are launched after movement phase and before firing phase. All targets fired upon after smoke grenade launch are considered secondary targets.

Inspired by the success of the Thunder LRM series launchers, the D-Mine is the first field mine laying system designed exclusively with the light lance commander in mind. Envisioned originally as a weapon for ordinance-carrying mobile suita, the D-Mine system utilizes the ammo dumps already located on the rear of most mobile suit torsos to allow mine laying without costly LRM launchers. D-mines are basically Thunder LRM rounds with the missile's rocket motor replaced by a sensitive delayed action, touch-sensitive detonator. D-mines can be purchased at a price of 3X LRM Missile cost/ton, in packages of 24, 12, 8, or 6. These packages, once dropped, leave behind 5, 10, 15, and 20pt minefields, respectively.
A D-mine load takes up 1 critical per ton of packets. Any number of D-Mine loads may be carried, but they must be carried in the mobile suit's torso locations to make use of the mobile suit's ammo dumping system. If penetrated by a shot, D-mines will explode per standard exploding ammunition rules, with 1pt/missile damage inflicted.
A mobile suit using D-mines may chose to deploy the D-mines at the end of any Movement phase. Once initiated, a packet of mines will begin ejecting from the mobile suit's ammo dump slots in its rear arc, into the mobile suit's current hex, and will continue ejecting until the end of the firing phase. A mobile suit may fire without penalty during the fire phase, but a successful hit on the mobile suit's rear torso section deploying the mines will automatically detonate the entire D-mine packet being ejected, doing 1pt/missile damage to that mobile suit.
D-Mines, once dropped, will activate at the end of the firing phase. The mobile suit which deployed the mines may exit the hex safely if the exit is done immediately after the mine drop at the beginning of the next movement phase. If the mobile suit, for some reason, is unable to leave the mined hex immediately, the mines are activated, and the mobile suit is treated as a normal target for the mines.

Core Fighter Systems
The Federation lost many of its finest in the One Year War against the Zeon, many of whom lacked the ability to eject from their doomed mobile suits. In response to this The Federation has experimented with the Core Fighter System. A Core Fighter is a jet like vehicle that is concealed in the torso of some Mobile Suits. This Core Fighter is also the cockpit of these special Mobile Suits.  Weighing in at a mere ton and taking up a single critical space the Core Fighter has yet to be mass produced and implemented as of yet. Concealed in the chest critical location, the Core Fighter consists of a small fighter with one seat. The Core Fighter system can be set for manual or automatic operation, the latter keyed in to activate upon ammo explosion, Minovsky reactor breach, or heavy internal damage to the mobile suit. When initiated, the mobile suit splits into two and the Core Fighter separates from the two halves.